Discussion includes climate change, earth observation, Google, esri, and more

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This week we sit down to highlight some of the ways we like to celebrate the Geography season (aka Geography Awareness Week) including Day of Geography and GIS Day.

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This week's topics include China, Drone insurance, journals, and the ISS turns 15.

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Emily Garding, the mind behind #GISTribe, and Nathan Saylor, the force behind GISCoffee, join us this episode. We talk about the weekly #GISTribe Twitter conversations, how to bring lurkers out of their shells, and how you can support GISTribe and get some great coffee over at GISCoffee.com. 

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In this episode we talk to Dr Chris Tucker about the American Geographical Society's second Geography2050 event that will take place November 19-20, 2015 in New York City.

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Topics this week include Weather, Mapillary, and Joy of Painting

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Topics include GNSS, UAS, software, and Microsoft.

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Topics this week include the Internet, Sustainable Development Goals, and software.

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NatGeo, FAA, hardware and software. Please visit the shownotes at veryspatial.com for more information.

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Patrick Egan, keynote speaker for the upcoming Geotech 2015 and host of the sUAS News Podcast, talks about the direction and use of unmanned aerial systems in the hobbyist and commercial sectors.

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