Sue and Jesse spoke with Allen Carroll about Esri's Story Maps.

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Interview with Benjamin Trigona-Harany of Planet Labs.


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This week we talk about the North Pole, satellites, privacy, contests, and coloring books. 

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Jesse got a chance to talk to Patrick Berner before Hexagon Geospatial's Ignite Workshop in San Francisco to talk a little bit about the Ignite Challenge and Smart M.Apps.

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Topics include: ClimateEngine, BIM, Japan Big tourist Data, and others…

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Topics include: GovOS, PSU Certificate, Terra Bella, and others...

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This week we touch on Japan's population drop, Facebook and Digital Globe mapping, Esri FedGIS conference announcements, and many others

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Mladen Stojic of Hexagon Geospatial talks about their Ignite Competition

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Topics include: GNSS, courts, Google, and acquisitions

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FME, GRASS, Zika, and Jason-3

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