FME, GRASS, Zika, and Jason-3

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Jesse talks to Zachary Jones of Eastern Michigan University to discuss the "The Maps & Geographies of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Literature" panel coming up at the AAG 2016 in San Francisco.

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Topics include: Delhi, CES, NY Public Library, Microsoft, and Earth(s)

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Frank, Sue, and Jesse talk about 3D data in geospatial from the influence of 2 and 2.5D data to object-oriented data concepts in this week’s post CES world.

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2016 wishes and questions.

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2015 year in review: Space, drones, 3D, web GIS, and others.

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This week we talk about climate, amazon, ACS, Australia open data, and many others

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Sampo Savolainen talks about Spatineo.

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Discussion includes climate change, earth observation, Google, esri, and more

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This week we sit down to highlight some of the ways we like to celebrate the Geography season (aka Geography Awareness Week) including Day of Geography and GIS Day.

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