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A VerySpatial Podcast | Discussions on Geography and Geospatial Technologies

Oct 30, 2005

Main topic: Digital cartography. News: ArcGIS Explorer, Metafunction, Student Satellite, Missing map

Oct 23, 2005

Main Topic: Geospatial data dissemination. News: CommonCensus, GITA/DOL, Space Elevator Challenge, Planet Geospatial at SpatiallyAdjusted

Oct 16, 2005

Main topic: Customizing GIS. News: Interview, Community Mapping, USGS controvery, ICANN issues

Oct 9, 2005

Main topic: Geographic education ramblings. News: Census outsourcing, Digital Globe satellites, Google Local, Shapefiles in VE

Oct 2, 2005

Main Topic: Global warming and geospatial technolgies. News: Podcast symposium, GITA online conference, new GPS satellite, NAVTECH LBS challenge