Main Topic: Interviews with Charlie Crocker of AutoDesk regarding their new mapping products. News: TomTom and TeleAtlas, BlinkGeo, and URISA Paper Comp.
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Interview with Ailene and Charlie of the ESRI Mapping Center blog recorded at the ESRI UC 2007.
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Main Topic: Interviews with vendors from the 2007 ESRI User Conference. News: GPS Ring, GPS and Galileo, Google Acquisition, and loopt.
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Interview with members of the TeleAtlas team recorded at the ESRI UC 2007.
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Main Topic: Interviews with Clint Brown of ESRI and Peter Ndunda of the Greenbelt Movement. News: Sharing Maps, Gaming, and Software updates
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Information from Drew Stephens, founder of Service At Sea, about the mission, goals, and a few details about Service At Sea.
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Main Topic: Interview with Ed Katibah of Microsoft about Katmai, SQL Server 2008.  News: SlashGeo, QGIS, and PlaceEngine.
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Interviews with Arno Scharl, Stefan Geens, and Frank Taylor from ISDE5
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Main Topic: Interview with Jim McKinney, Program Manager for ArcGIS of ESRI.  News: GISDay, Google, and Hitachi
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