Main topic: Rodney Jackson of CPCC. News: Whereabouts, Flickr, and Google

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Main topic: Our take on spatial media.  News: ESA, OLPC, ESRI
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Closing out our GAW spatial media conversations, we speak with Jeff Thurston of Vector1Media.
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We continue our spatial media focus with a conversation with Matt Ball of Vector1 Media.

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Today we are joined by Rick Lawson of ESRI for our annual GISDay episode. We cover a array of topics as we look back over the last year.
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More spatial media with a conversation with Glenn Letham of Spatial Media, LLC publisher of GISUser, LBSZone and SymbianOne.

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We begin our Geography Awareness Week topic of spatial media with a discussion with Myrna Yoo of Imaging Notes.
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Main topic: GAW2007 - Asia.  News: India, LAPD, and Google
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Main topic: Interview with Di-Ann Eisnor of Platial.  News: Opportunity, Broadband and NGS Geographic Alliances
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