Main topic: Jim Quanci on the Autodesk Developer Network. News: IDRISI, concepts, and NASA.

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At AU ‘08 Sue spoke with Ted Gauld, our VP of Product Management at Adapx about their solutions related to the CAD market and their connector for Excel.
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Main topic: Changing role of GIS in government. News: Software releases, Economic impacts, and Yahoo CEO.
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At AU ‘08 Sue sat down with Peter Costanzo, Director of Sales, Facilities Management at Avatech Solutions about their facilities and BIM solutions.
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All the way back in October, during the URISA conference, I had the chance to talk to the folks from the WE Upjohn Center for the Study of Geographical Change at Western Michigan about their work in capturing data and their plans for sharing it.
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Main Topic: Doug Eberhard of Autodesk. News: Technology, Virtual Worlds and awards.
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Main topic: Sergio Rey of Arizona State University. News: Spirit, Magellan, and GLONASS.
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