Main topic: Who are the Neogeographers? News: Autodesk, Microsoft, and Google.
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Sue spoke with Richard Peet at the AAG about the new Human Geography journal and its goal of supporting research.
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Main topic: Ron Lake on GeoWeb 2009. News: Ovi, Trike, and GPS
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We recently spoke with Ann Johnson about the GeoTech Center and their current activities.
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We recently spoke with Sean and Andrew of FortiusOne about their new GeoIQ cloud solution and APIs.
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Main topic: Paul Watson of 1Spatial. News: Police, Intermap, and Digital Globe.
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With the release of MapPublisher 8.1 just around the corner it seems timely to bring you my quick interview with Ted from Avenza Systems recorded at the AAG.
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Main topic: Jason Otero of ESRI on geospatial careers. News: Intermap, Latitude and Cartographica.

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Main Topic: Interview with Andy Hudson-Smith and Andrew Crooks. News: MS Vine, FB Open Stream API, and software.
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