Main topic: SEDAAG08 interviews. News: Metaverse, CaGIO, and ArcGIS.
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Main topic: Professional development. News: SketchUp, My MapQuest, and NatGeo Games.
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Sue and Jesse spoke with Matt Koeppe, GIScience Program Director of the Association of American Geographers about Geography and GIScience careers and the AAG's careers site.
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We spoke with Jessica Touchard of GeoSearch, Inc. about their role as a geospatial recruiting firm and Geography and geospatial careers.
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Jesse, Sue and Frank talk about some of the things that might help you finding that great career in the geospatial industry.
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Jesse spoke with Hilary Perkins at the recent URISA conference about their efforts in creating and running the new GIS Leadership Academy.

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We spoke with Anne Pollard Haywood on the role of the My Wonderful World campaign in educating children, and parents, about Geography and our world.
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Main topic: Matt Rosenberg of Geography at News: Windows GeoLocation, Mars Lander, and Fed CTO
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Post election coverage of the online election maps.
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Main topic: John Tolva of IBM and Scott Branting of CAMEL. News: Travel ad, Indiana, and Obama.

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