Main topic: Chris Cretini of the USGS. News: GPS, Katrina, and Garmin.


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Main Topic: Wacom and Microsoft. News: Titanic, MapAction, and Facebook.


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Main topic: Brian Wienke, Accela. News: Greenland, Russia, and Google.

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We grabbed a quick chat at the ESRI UC with the president of Procedural Inc about their product CityEngine which is used to populate 3D digital city models.

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At the ESRI UC this year we had a chance to talk to the folks at CartoPac about their mobile GIS solutions.


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Main topic: Sheila Wilson and David Dibiase, GISCI. News: ITT VIS, ACLU, and Pitney Bowes.

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Main Topic: Pat McDevitt of TomTom. News: IceBreaker, DigitalGlobe, and China.

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